How to Keep Your Dog Feeling Young

May 22, 2019 | Dog Health, Nutrients

Just like humans, dogs will slow down as they age.  This is especially true as underlying injuries such as ACL tear in dogs occur.  As a pet owner, there are certain steps we can take to keep our dogs feeling young so they will be more active and live a long and healthy life.  Ensuring supportive care such as a healthy diet and regular preventative care can help keep them feeling young and healthy.  Here are some tips on how to keep your dog feeling young.

Activity Maintains Youth

Whether your pet is free of underlying disease or has been through surgical dog torn ligament treatment, keeping your pet active can help maintain muscle mass and range of motion in joints.  It’s important for pets who are going through medical management for a torn dog knee ligament injury to try and balance a healthy amount of activity while preventing high-impact activity which can cause further damage to the joint.  Keeping your dog active also helps them maintain a healthy weight, which can help prevent joint problems.  Obese dogs are more likely to develop arthritis at an earlier age and will age sooner.

Be Conscious of Your Dog’s Diet

Just like humans, dogs need to have a good diet to help them feel young and healthy.  In addition to the obvious link between poor feeding habits and obesity, feeding your dog a poor quality diet can have a significant impact on joint health and overall quality of life by creating an inflammatory environment in the body.  Feeding diets containing high levels of fish oil has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and can help reduce pain associated with arthritis. 

Joint Health is Important

Whether your pet just had dog knee surgery or they are simply aging and have arthritis in other joints, it never hurts to try and provide joint supplements that have been shown to make pets more comfortable in the presence of joint disease.  Supplements such as fish oil, green lipped mussel, and polysulfated glycosaminoglycans have been shown to help improve comfort and slow the progression of arthritis.

Make Regular Veterinarian Visits

As your dog gets older, the importance of making routine veterinarian visits increases. Do your best to notice signs of aging in your pet. If your dog is having difficulty getting around or has difficulty rising, be sure to visit with your veterinarian to ensure they don’t need dog torn ligament treatment, as ACL dog injuries are one of the most common causes of hind limb lameness in dogs.

By visiting with your veterinarian frequently to ensure preventative care is performed and to quickly address any time your dog isn’t acting normal, you can help keep them acting and feeling young for many years to come.

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