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Inflammation: What is

Pododermatitis in Dogs?


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Dog Health
Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty and energetic demeanors. Unfortunately, when left unsupervised or introduced to new environments, their curious nature could get the better of them, resulting in minor injuries, sometimes without us knowing. While it’s impossible to be completely aware of your dog’s actions and whereabouts at all times, it is your […]
Dog Health
Dogs are loved thanks to their active and energetic selves, earning them the rightful title of “man’s best friend.” However, when play becomes too rough, they can find themselves injured. One type of injury that can commonly occur is in the form of a muscle strain. It’s beneficial to learn more about muscle strains in […]
Dog Health
Nothing is more heartbreaking for a dog owner than seeing their pet get hurt. It can be incredibly stressful for the dog and owner as they try to figure out how to ease the pain and discomfort. Leg injuries are common in dogs, and it’s something most pet parents will have to deal with in […]
TPLO Surgery
Whenever your dog undergoes surgery, you’re likely to feel nervous. Whether it’s a typical spay/neuter surgery, a more complex one for hip dysplasia, or a TPLO, it’s understandable that you’re anxious and worried about what happens next. Instead of concentrating on the anxiety, it’s better to focus on prepping your dog for its operation. That […]
TPLO Recovery
TPLO surgery is a commonly performed procedure on dogs with a high success rate. Like any medical procedure, surgery aftercare plays a large part in the long-term recovery of your dog post-surgery.  When your dog returns home from the vet, you’ll be expected to monitor their behavior, administer pain medication, and ensure that their environment […]
Dog Health
As pet owners, the last thing you’d want to see is your dog in pain. But like us, dogs are prone to injuries, especially in their hind limbs. Since canines rely heavily on their back legs to move around, they’re constantly at risk of injuring this body part.  Some pups start limping out of nowhere, […]
Dog Health
Your dog’s hind legs play a vital role in everyday life; they allow them to stand, keep their body upright, and move freely. But just like any other canine body part, the hind legs may be susceptible to diseases that lead to mobility issues.  Several underlying health issues can cause hind leg weakness, such as […]
TPLO Surgery
Just like humans, our canine companions are prone to health issues and injuries that might require surgery. Depending on a set of factors, the overall cost of a dog surgery can be costly, especially for leg surgeries. Procedures like CCL surgery require other diagnostic tests like X-rays, blood work, and more that add to the […]

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