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Inflammation: What is

Pododermatitis in Dogs?


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Dog Health
Large dogs are most affected by joint issues, but that doesn’t mean small dogs are spared from their own troubles. Small dogs are just as prone to knee problems, whether it’s a cranial cruciate ligament rupture or patellar luxation. So, what can you do about it? Read on to find out how to spot knee […]
TPLO Recovery
Have you noticed your dog lagging behind you on walks, limping throughout the day, or crying out randomly as they move around? These may indicate that your pet has a sprained leg and needs medical attention. But don’t panic just yet–most leg sprains may be tended to at home.  Sprains are soft tissue injuries that […]
TPLO Recovery
Given their quirky natures and avid curiosity, dogs are prone to injuries. They may hurt themselves while playing fetch, jumping, and running with other canines. Dogs tend to lick their wounds instinctively and saliva can worsen the infection and delay its healing.  Read on to learn how to speed up your pup’s healing through proper […]
TPLO Recovery
Dogs are naturally social creatures and are used to being around their owners, so being confined in a small space can cause them anxiety. Crates are useful tools to help you introduce a new pet into your home, helping them become familiar with their environment. While most dogs learn to accept periods of confinement, some […]
Dog Health
Like humans, dogs develop joint problems when they get older. As they approach their senior years, you may notice they’re not getting up and down the way they used to when they were younger.  Giving your senior pooch a cozy dog bed is one way to help them get through the discomfort and mobility issues […]
Dog Health
If your dog is recovering from a surgical procedure due to an illness or a severe injury, getting them to eat may be an issue. One of the side effects of surgery is significant appetite reduction. Given this situation, how can you get a dog to eat after undergoing surgery? We’ll discuss simple but effective […]
Dog Health
The unconditional love dogs give to their owners is just one of the many reasons we consider them man’s best friend. However, just like people, there may come a time when your dog falls ill or gets injured and can’t enjoy your favorite bonding activities with you. Some of these cases can be as simple […]
Dog Health
Dogs are prone to knee-related injuries. There are several causes of these injuries for dogs since they can be very active. That is why taking care of your fur baby means more than ensuring it’s fit and healthy. If your dog has torn its knee ligament, bringing it to the vet is imperative. This information […]

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