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Dog Health
Dogs are naturally born playful and are indeed a man’s best friend. However, as your fur companion grows old, there’s a higher chance it could develop joint problems.  Maintaining healthy bones and weight can help your pet move freely without limping or experiencing pain in its knees.  Without proper care for bone structure, your dog […]
TPLO Surgery
Dogs have active lifestyles that make them prone to significant injuries. As pet owners, we must ensure that our dogs get the proper treatment so they can go back to running, jumping, playing, and the other activities they enjoy daily. One of the most common severe injuries that owners worry about is a CCL tear […]
Dog Health
Administering anesthesia is a common procedure that canines undergo for extracapsular lateral suture (ECLS) stabilization, TPLO, and neutering.  But is anesthesia safe? In some cases, dogs could still have allergic reactions to anesthesia and other medication. This blog will discuss what anesthesia is, how it works, its different side effects, and its safety for your […]
Dog Health
A dog’s hind legs often work harder than other limbs. A minor injury can cause significant issues to their mobility and quickly reduce their quality of life. A common sign of hind leg lameness for dog owners to look out for is sudden onset limping or leaning forward more often to support its weight. This […]
Dogs recovering from a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) procedure can sometimes produce a clicking sound when walking. When this happens, any pet owner would wonder if it’s a cause for concern.  If you’re worried about the clicking sound, you’re not alone. It’s one of the common questions dog owners ask during TPLO recovery. This […]
TPLO Surgery
You and your dog come back home from your favorite running route, and you see your pet limping. It may just be fatigue or a strain, but it can be much worse, like a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). ACL, or specifically CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) in dogs, connects the femur (thigh bone) and the […]
Dog Health
Scoliosis is a condition that can occur in both humans and animals. If your dog has an unnatural spinal curvature that you can see or feel as you run your hand down its back, your dog might have scoliosis. This blog will talk about the signs, causes, and possible treatments for mitigating and curing canine […]
When you think of what to feed your dog, the first thing to pop up in your mind is dog food—and for a good reason. Namesake aside, it’s a great food option because it contains essential nutrients that your dog needs to grow strong and active. However, not all dog food ingredients are suitable for […]

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