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Dog Health
  If you’re a pet parent or a “pawrent,” chances are you’ve experienced cleaning after your pooch when they experience a bad case of dog diarrhea. It’s messy, a little frustrating, and can be alarming, especially if the loose stools persist for a few days. Dog diarrhea is one of the most common canine illnesses […]
Dog Health
  Dog hiccups are cute, but should you be worried? Does it have any underlying conditions that may be a cause for concern? Most of the time, dog hiccups are perfectly normal and will resolve themselves in a few minutes. However, once the hiccups start to last for hours and begin to affect your dog’s […]
Dog Health
  Have you noticed a rough crust of skin on your dog’s paws or nose? Or maybe your furry friend is experiencing a difficult time walking? It’s possible that they’re suffering from hyperkeratosis. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of canine hyperkeratosis. Find out its causes and symptoms, as well as ways to prevent […]
Dog Health
  Does your dog like exploring damp, murky places or playing in the water? Or maybe it likes playing with other dogs then ends up scratched by another animal?   Exercise extra caution because these activities could put your dog at risk of getting leptospirosis. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at this bacterial […]
Dog Health
Have you noticed your dog itching more than usual? Maybe your pet is scratching its ear or dragging its butt across the floor to relieve the itch. Itchiness, redness, and flaky skins are all signs of a possible yeast infection.  But what is a dog yeast infection and how can you treat it? In this […]
Dog Health
As your dog gets older, the cartilage on the surfaces of its joints can get thinner, making it more prone to developing arthritis. Knowing what to do and how to prevent the condition can help your dog in the long run.  Arthritis is common among older and bigger dogs. Canines who suffer from the condition […]
Some diseases in dogs can cause other complications. This can be said with hypertrophic osteopathy, an abnormal bone growth that occurs along your dog’s limbs.  Early detection of the disease and its underlying cause is crucial to treatment. Read our blog to find out if your furry companion is suffering from hypertrophic osteopathy in dogs. […]
Dog Health
Just like humans, dogs also feel pain. Pain alerts the body of possible harm or injury. But due to their stoic nature, dogs tend to mask their pain. Silently bearing the pain isn’t always a good thing, though. After all, pain that goes by undetected or untreated could lead to a more serious health condition. […]

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