Preparing for Your Dog’s TPLO Surgery

by | Aug 20, 2019 | TPLO Recovery, TPLO Surgery

When you receive the news your dog will need TPLO surgery, the time to start preparing for it is right then. Your veterinarian will give you information about the TPLO recovery timeline, and should give you a TPLO recovery guide to help you know what to expect. It’s important to take the time to think about your daily routine and the routine of your dog to help determine how it will be altered, and what’s needed to make the recovery easier. Mental preparation is important, but so is having the proper resources to help your dog as much as possible. Here are some tips to think about in preparation for your dog’s TPLO surgery.

Preparing Your Home

Your TPLO recovery guide will state the dog needs to limit their mobility as much as possible immediately following the surgery. However, depending on the willpower of your dog, they may try to get up and move around more than they should. Make them as comfortable as possible by fluffing up their pillows or blankets they normally relax on, so they won’t be as tempted to get up. You can also invest in a gate or a large crate to limit the amount of space they have to walk around. Finally, if you have children, it’s important to educate them as much as possible about your pet’s surgery. Kids get attached to their pets, so if they know ahead of time that their furry friend won’t be as active for a while, it will help them understand the situation more.

Helpful Items to Invest In

Your dog shouldn’t put much weight on their injured leg for the first few days or weeks of their recovery. Investing in a quality dog harness to allow you to lift up the entire weight of your dog will help tremendously. Some harnesses fit around your hip to allow you to lift up your dog without putting your own body under significant strain. The TPLO recovery timeline spans several weeks, which is as difficult for your dog as it is for you. Be sure to give them some items they can enjoy throughout the recovery. Things like a Kong or other items will keep them busy and keep their mind off of their immobility. You know your dog more than anyone, so give them what they enjoy to help ease the pain a bit.

Budget Considerations

Giving your dog the best care possible during and after their TPLO surgery costs money. The TPLO surgery cost alone could be around $5,000, not including the items you need to purchase for your home recovery area. Of course, pet insurance can help offset a significant amount of the cost. But it’s important to be prepared for the TPLO surgery cost so you don’t have to deal with a financial burden while helping your dog recover. TPLO Info is here to help pet owners learn as much as possible about TPLO surgery and how it impacts dogs. Every dog is different in how they react to the surgery and recovery, but when you follow the TPLO recovery guide provided by your vet, you and your dog will have a much better experience.

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